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Century Sun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Repose in international metropolis Shanghai .company produce per year the family solar of water heater more than one-hundred thousands. Products plan novel, function complete, use convenience. in the central field of sun energy of warm water system, possess the patent technology of core. Go to project construction from scheme design have the troops of a specialization. Send sun energy consummately with burn air, coal and oil boiler form a complete set.

Company has passed through ISO900 1 quality system certifications, company’s management level relies on solid research development strength to rely on the operation of science concept extends sale network constantly, sale network has been extended all over nation-wide succeeds have entered South America and the etc. international market of Southeast Asia. Company’s all employee in chairman of the board week Jun sir lead, take development sun energy cause as the own responsibility; strictly observe “regard trademark to be basic for life with quality, is lead with market, “enterprise article of faith. is full of lofty sentiments is completion " protect the environment of the earth , found ecological city, " a strategic goal wholeheartedly the creation splendid cause of 21 century.

Since long-term people for always in study with great efforts using sun energy, our the earth accept sun energy, take solar surface only send out the 2000000,000 of all energies divide into one control , these energies is equivalent to whole world need the 3-forty thousands time of total energy, may be called inexhaustible, use do not exhaust.

In China, the use of sun energy is also the hottest subject and the development of long process always, it is extensive that the domestic water heater of sun energy has become the application of sun energy, industrialize most promptly one of estates. Present our country have become world the last production of sun energy of water heater first large country the water heater of sun energy popularize increase every year with higher speed. think the, present water heater of our country of sun energy concerning personage enterprise in the development of new technology and new product wait for the input of aspect need to still increase , will realize really with world "conform ",return must in standard, technology and policy and such aspect do effort.